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éLUNAPIENA is the brand of which the best known company FUSARO MARIO srl leader in the iron construction industry, has chosen to differentiate and market all products made for and the outdoor furniture market.

With twenty years of experience in construction, architecture and design, our mission is to offer the market customized alternative solutions tailored to our customers.

All our products are handmade in Italy, they are products directly from us or from our supply chain, materials, design, and accessories are always checked and verified by our quality managers to give a product that is truly MADE IN ITALY 100%.

Today we boast collaborations with various landscape and architecture firms for the green, as well as close partnerships with vivaiste companies in the area who do not take risks using our accomplishments as a fixed reference point for their projects. The furniture products instead are designed by young designers with new graduates want to get involved and engage with the world of work, seeing so made and marketed ideas more valid.



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All our products are handmade by our highly qualified staff.

Each piece is worked with care and refined in detail, we are very attentive to the quality that we offer our customers know that we expect something more 'and this is the best stimulus.

In our workshop we produce all of our pots and tubs with the most modern equipment available on the market; we have a laser cut that allows us to create any form and shape that the hand of 'man can draw, including lasered finishing panels or division without the bait piece ever from our office.



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