The Showroom

showroom vasi e fioriere in ferro e in corte



In order to always give a high quality service our customers can access our show-room.

Then touching hands with our products, our vessels and our planters, you will perceive the quality and craftsmanship that exists and is tangible in every single piece. Accompanied by our technical staff troverte different customized solutions and will discuss an existing project to define the guidelines in order to have undergone a response both from the construction point of view and from an economic point of view which is always a key issue.



showroom interno per fioriere su misura vasi in ferro e corten showroom visita



At our showroom, you will find in addition to pots and planters made of painted iron and corten, also courtesy, helpfulness and professionalism, we will be available to design your terrace or your space as you wish, offering online solutions with your needs and absolutely design, in the best possible quality.

We produce pots and planters for over twenty years, so knowing both the limits and the potential of our products.. 



costruzione vasi e fiorierere in ferro e cortenvitia showroom di vasi e fioriere a misura fusaro marioproduciamo vasi e fioriere in certen a disegno


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