The furnishings that offers éLunapiena, are exclusively unique pieces, handcrafted, handmade in the district of the most famous in the mobile world, our Brianza. The design of these articles of furniture, interior or exterior, always is a collaboration of young designers with a strong desire to compete in the most difficult challenge, to confront a true production reality. So they learn to know and confront the world of work, to recognize also the technical aspects surrounding the processing of various materials such as wood, iron, steel, corten steel or plastic and with them the supply chain related to the production around them. Practice and Crowdcrafting are the two pillars that support our production, a 'principle of co-creation that gives such a chance for young people to learn in the field and our company to learn from young people, following the new trends, discovering lines and shapes always new, thanks to these fresh minds and desirous of being realized their part, their "creation." The result? a line with a totally innovative design, Millesime and éRovere2.0 are unique collections, intended for the total recovery of recycled timber, such as barrels or pallets, a 'KM production idea 0 but at a cost of the raw material particularly reduced, the value, which is not the price, is given by the idea and by the skilled hands artisans who make these unique pieces. Today éLunapiena produces chairs, bookcases wall, bi-facial libraries, lamps and tables where these characteristics can be perceived clearly, the design recalls the shape of that object that once the same material was to compose, so varying its target but not its nature. Iron creates in its geometry, table legs, pedestals for floor lamps, shelves for solid colored libraries make this material one big common denominator between all these elements and the goods complements.